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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Welcome video. Hey friends!
  • 2
    Swipe and copy my Trello templates
    • How to use templates, copy a board and make it your own
    • Template links
  • 3
    The Foundations Module
    • Logging in/home page
    • Creating a board
    • Creating a list
    • Create a card
    • How to use card functions (due dates, checklists, labels, etc)
    • Free versus paid version and using Butler features
  • 4
    Utilizing Trello for your cleaning routines
    • What is a cleaning routine and why are they useful?
    • Sample cleaning routine method
    • Routine method: Daily/weekly boards
    • Routine method: Monthly/deep cleaning board
    • Routine methods: Using checklists by room
    • How to get started with your cleaning routines
  • 5
    Trello for your life
    • A look into how I use the "My week board"
    • Using Trello for meal planning
    • Planning your next vacation or trip with Trello
    • Using Trello for business
    • Using Trello for Girl Scouts (or other volunteer opportunities)
    • Using Trello for goal setting