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Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome to the course, friend!
    • The obligatory video disclaimer (watch me please!)
    • How to view videos on mobile (if you're having trouble)
    • Why you don't need to follow "rules" in this course
    • Join the Facebook group
  • 2
    The Foundations Module
    • How to navigate the course
    • Everything and the Kitchen Sink PDF
    • How to use the cleaning list: A walk through video
    • A general supplies and tools list
    • Declutter: Why you need to do this FIRST
    • Why I choose the cleaning tools that I do
    • Let your products sit (and do the work for you)
    • Assigning the most important areas in your home
    • Disinfect vs cleaning vs antibacterial: What does it all mean and when should I do what?
    • Cleaning and disinfecting on wet surfaces: When to do it and why
  • 3
    Your supplies and tools
    • Kitchen Supplies
    • Bathroom supplies
    • Dusting 101
    • Floor tools
    • The different kinds of microfiber cloths and how to use them
    • The importance of maintaining your cleaning tools
    • Creating your cleaning bag/caddy
  • 4
    Homemade cleaning products and DIY cleaning ingredients
    • Intro to the module
    • Castile soap
    • Baking soda
    • Oxygenated bleach
    • Hydrogen peroxide
    • Borax
    • Dish soap/Mild detergent soap
    • DIY Cleaning "Recipes"
    • White vinegar
    • Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol
  • 5
    The Kitchen
    • Cleaning a stainless sink
    • Cleaning non-stainless sinks: Intro and information
    • Cleaning a non-stainless sink tutorial (such as Silgranit and other composites)
    • Intro: Cleaning the refrigerator
    • Refrigerator: Surface and quick cleaning
    • Intro: Cleaning the oven
    • Self cleaning ovens
    • Oven (non-self clean)
    • Glass top stove
    • Cleaning gas-top range stove
    • Cleaning granite countertops
    • Laminate countertops
    • Cleaning stainless steel appliance
    • Cleaning black refrigerator
    • Cleaning the microwave
    • Cleaning the outside and front of microwave
    • How to maintain a clean dining area
    • Cabinets
    • Dishwasher
    • Coffee maker
    • Speed cleaning kitchen overview
    • Deep cleaning walk-through
  • 6
    The Bathroom
    • Cleaning a sink with baking soda paste
    • Cleaning the sink and vanity area, top to bottom
    • Removing mineral buildup around sink fixtures
    • The methodology of cleaning a bathroom from start to finish
    • Cleaning a porcelain shower
    • Glass shower doors
    • What is a pumice stone and how can you use it to clean?
    • Pumice stone in a toilet
    • Speed cleaning
    • Deep Cleaning walk-through
    • Cleaning a pedestal sink
    • Deodorizing and removing urine odors in the bathroom
  • 7
    Living room/Living area
    • Speed cleaning living room
    • Deep cleaning overview: Living room
  • 8
    • Speed cleaning bedroom
    • Deep clean walk through
    • Kids' bedrooms
  • 9
    Laundry Area
    • Cleaning a front loader
    • Cleaning a top loader
  • 10
    • The basics of wood floor cleaning
    • Dry-dust mopping wood (and other) floors
    • Wood-floor specific mop (Bona)
    • Ring/spin mopping
    • Cleaning laminate flooring
    • Deeply cleaning vinyl flooring
    • Cleaning light grout on tile (floor or shower)
    • Cleaning dark grout on tile (floor or shower)
    • Sweeping and cleaning tile/grouted floor
    • Stairs
  • 11
    Deep cleaning
    • Light fixtures
    • Baseboards
    • White metal doors
    • Ceiling fan
    • Lamp shades
    • Blinds
    • Windows
    • Walls
    • Cleaning doors and molding: How and why it is so important to the overall cleanliness of your home
    • Molding
  • 12
    The Mindset Module
    • The importance of a cleaning routine
    • Progress over perfection
    • Reasons you dislike cleaning that have nothing to do with cleaning
    • The importance of gratitude (even for house cleaning)
  • 13
    Clean It Like You Mean It for kids and parents!
    • Welcome to the module!
    • Should I incentivize chores?
    • Chores are not a punishment
    • How to start your kids with chores at a young age
    • How to approach chores: Ages 2-6
    • How to approach chores: Ages 7-11
    • How to approach chores: Ages 12-17
    • How to end the need to hover and be perfectionist
    • When your kids fight against chores and responsibilities
    • Starting cleaning routines with kids
    • Appropriate tasks/chores for kids by age
    • Tasks/chores for kids by age: AUDIO
    • Using Canva to create your own printables (for chore charts and routines)
    • Sample cleaning routine for kids
    • A sample bedtime routine for kids
    • A bonus from Allie Casazza: Declutter toys for purposeful play
    • Bonus from Allie Casazza: Purge the Toys PDF
    • Live talk and Q&A with my daughter about cleaning
    • BONUS: Getting your spouse on board with cleaning, chores and housework
    • BONUS: 7 day cleaning challenge for kids!
  • 14
    BONUS: Elevate Your Clean Routine
    • Everything & The Kitchen Sink Master List
    • Weekly Cleaning Schedule Template
    • Monthly Cleaning Schedule Template
    • What is a house cleaning schedule/routine?
    • Why your current way isn't working
    • A look at the master cleaning list
    • Your daily and weekly schedule
    • Your monthly schedule
    • How to use Canva to easily create your OWN printables and worksheets
    • A quick peek at using Trello for your cleaning routines
    • The 3 reasons you hate cleaning that have nothing to do with cleaning: A bonus live recording
    • What to do when you feel defeated
  • 15
    • A CRIBS style house tour: What I would do as a professional from top to bottom
    • Audio: How a professional approaches a house cleaning, from start to finish
    • Cleaning your house after sickness has made it's way through
    • Lesson from Go Organize Yourself: Making systems work in your home
    • Lesson from Go Organize Yourself: Examples of using systems in your home
    • The little places you may be forgetting
    • The Ultimate Mother Like a Boss Cleaning Guide
    • Decluttering and minimalism class w/ Allie Casazza
    • Just Clean It workshop slides
    • Just Clean It workshop
  • 16
    Bonus: Just Clean it 5 Day Challenge
    • Day 1: The Kitchen
    • Day 2: The living room
    • Day 3: The bedroom
    • Day 4: The bathroom
    • Day 5: All the small things
  • 17
    Bonus workshops
    • Trello for the homemakerish mom workshop replay
    • Your Simplified Cleaning Routine
    • Create your cleaning routine: A workshop bonus for Clean It Students
    • The Mother Like a Boss Masterclass: April 2018
    • Your Kids & Chores: A 101 Workshop