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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Introduction: START HERE
    • Welcome! (Read me first!)
    • Welcome to the course!
    • Disclaimer/ Terms
    • The importance of journaling
    • Journal Prompts PDF
    • Join the Facebook Community
  • 2
    All course worksheets, PDFs and printables can be found HERE
    • Find all course PDFs here
    • The Ultimate Cleaning Guide
    • The Reluctant Homemaker Starter Guide
    • Journal Prompts
    • Everything and the Kitchen Sink List
    • Weekly cleaning schedule
    • Monthly cleaning schedule
    • Weekly meal plan
    • How to clean dang near everything list
    • Bedtime routine
    • Our internet contract
    • Maximize Your Time worksheet
    • Babysitter Information Sheet
    • Grocery List
    • Our favorite recipes
    • Password Log
    • Our favorite meals
    • My weekly meal plan
    • My morning and evening routine workbook
  • 3
    Reset your home (Previously Homemakerish U LIVE round)
    • Live call dates
    • Homemakerish U Live Workbook
    • Week 1: Goals video call recording
    • Week 2: Time ownership video call recording
    • Week 3: Decluttering, organization and systems
    • Week 4: Cleaning
    • Week 5: Meal planning
    • Week 6: Getting your family involved
  • 4
    A positive mindset for home management
    • What is mindset and why is it important?
    • What is my mindset now?
    • Cultivating a positive mindset at home
    • Momentum over motivation
  • 5
    Setting goals in your home, for your family and for yourself
    • Welcome to the goals module
    • Your ideal day exercise
    • Understanding the Your Ideal Day exercise: A live video recording
    • Priorities vs Goals vs To-do lists: How they all work together
    • Dealing with outside sabotage
    • Dreams and goals: The important differences
    • How to set SMART goals for yourself and your home: Text
    • How to set SMART goals for yourself and your home
    • Tracking your goal progress
  • 6
    Owning and managing your time & schedule
    • Welcome to the own your time module
    • Intro to time blocking
    • A prioritized schedule
    • The law that rules how you view time
    • How to use Google calendar to time block
    • The importance of surveying your time and schedule
    • Maximize Your Mom Time: How to get 27 hours out of a 24 hour day
    • Words of encouragement: It's ok to say NO
    • Why traditional to-do lists don't work
    • How to craft a winning to-do list
    • The best time ownership strategy
    • How to batch your time and own your schedule
    • The importance of an evening routine
    • How to create a winning and seamless evening routine
    • Glass and Rubber balls: How to prioritize your life
  • 7
    Let's get organized! (in a smart way..)
    • Welcome to the organization module
    • Decluttering is the first step
    • When getting rid of your children's "stuff" is difficult
    • An organized mindset
    • Why everything needs a "home" in your home
    • Creating a family command center: Photo
    • Creating a family command center: Audio
    • Setting up systems (that actually work!)
    • How to maintain once you've cleaned and organized
  • 8
    Elevate your Clean Routine: How to create a winning cleaning routine for your home
    • Welcome to Elevate Your Clean Routine
    • How to get started when it all seems like a mess
    • What exactly is a house cleaning schedule?
    • Why your current cleaning schedule isn't working
    • A look at the house cleaning master list
    • Everything and the Kitchen Sink Cleaning List
    • Your daily and weekly schedule
    • Your monthly schedule
    • Weekly Cleaning Schedule
    • Monthly Cleaning Schedule
    • Cleaning supplies
    • AUDIO: MY favorite cleaning supplies
    • Effective House Cleaning Methods
    • AUDIO: MY favorite cleaning tools
    • How to get started when it all seems like a mess
    • What to do when you feel defeated by cleaning
    • A quick peek at how to use Trello to create your cleaning routines
  • 9
    The Nitty Gritty of House Cleaning
    • The Ultimate Cleaning Guide
    • DIY House Cleaners
    • How to clean granite counter tops
    • How to clean a glass stove top
    • How to clean stainless steel
    • Wood floor cleaning 101
    • Wet cleaning wood floors
    • How to easily clean a bathroom sink (with no cleaners!)
    • How a professional cleans a house: A video tour
    • Video replay: My favorite cleaning tools and supplies
    • The basics of laundry
  • 10
    Speed cleaning 101
    • Welcome to the speed cleaning module!
    • Speed cleaning basics
    • How to speed clean the kitchen
    • How to speed clean the bathroom
    • How to speed clean the bedroom
    • How to speed clean the living area
  • 11
    Deep Cleaning 101
    • Welcome to the deep cleaning module
    • Why deep cleaning is different
    • What to consider before deep cleaning
    • Deep cleaning: The bathroom
    • Deep Cleaning: The Kitchen
    • Deep cleaning: The living area
    • Deep Cleaning: The bedroom
    • Clean it like you mean it deep cleaning challenge
  • 12
    Caring for yourself
    • Welcome to the self care module
    • Self care ideas
    • Self care for mom: Beyond massages and pedicures
    • Words of encouragement: Embrace the season you are in
    • What is self-sabotage?
    • Why we sabotage our progress and how to fix it
    • Facebook Live Video: A look at self-care and why it's so important
  • 13
    Planning your meals
    • Welcome to the meal planning module
    • Why should I meal plan?
    • Decluttering and Organizing your recipes
    • Using Pinterest the RIGHT way for meal planning
    • Sketching out your meal plan
    • Creating "theme" nights
    • Allowing your kids to be involved in meal planning
    • How to use Trello to meal plan
    • Weekly Meal Plan Printable
  • 14
    Not your mama's theme nights: A bonus meal planning module from Angie Trueblood
    • Welcome, mama!
    • Choose your themes
    • Create your mealtime rotation
    • Not your mama's theme night workbook
    • How to learn even more about meal planning!
  • 15
    Homemakerish U for parents and kids
    • Welcome to the kids and family module
    • Appropriate chores at every age
    • Giving kids chores and holding them accountable
    • Chores are not a punishment
    • Teach versus tell model of delegation
    • Kids and cleaning routines
    • The 3 C's of delegation
    • Approaching chores: Ages 2-6
    • Approaching chores: Ages 7-11
    • Approaching chores: Ages 12-17
    • BONUS: How to get your spouse on board with home management and cleaning
    • Your Kids & Chores workshop replay
  • 16
    The Confident Homemaker- How to build and maintain confidence in your life
    • Welcome to the confidence module
    • What does it mean to be confident?
    • Where am I lacking confidence: A series of questions to ask yourself
    • How to build confidence
  • 17
    A Quick Start Guide to Home Management
    • Welcome to the quick start
    • Quickstart your goals
    • Quickstart your time and schedule
    • Quickstart decluttering
    • Quickstart the cleaning
    • Quickstart to meal planning
  • 18
    Bonus Lessons
    • How to run your home like a business: Audio
    • A lesson from my daughter, Ava: Why and how she keeps her room clean
    • Facebook Live: A chat with Nicole Cooley of Money with Moxie
    • Clean it like you mean it deep cleaning challenge
    • Trello for the homemakerish mom workshop replay
    • Mother Like a Boss Masterclass- April 2018
    • The Modern Homemaking Jumpstart webclass
    • Your Winning Summer Routine class
    • Decluttering and minimalism Q&A class w/Allie Casazza
    • Your Winning Summer Routine documents
    • How to use Canva to easily create printables
    • Getting through the holidays without losing your homemaker-ish | PDF Workbook
    • Getting through the holidays video
  • 19
    Bonus: The Reluctant Homemaker Bootcamp
    • How to gain access to The Reluctant Homemaker Bootcamp: TEXT